DIY Saturday: How to clean the scuff marks off your white phone case


So if you’re like me and have a white phone case covered in scuff marks from days of dropping it and rubbing against stuff, you’ll be pleased to know that their is more than one way to clean the dirt off your phone case. Read ahead and enjoy!

1. Toothpaste and brush

Materials required:

Toothpaste (white, unless you want your phone case to turn green/blue/whatever colour the toothpaste you have is!)

Toothbrush ( make sure it’s old and washed so last night’s dinner doesn’t end up on your case.)

Step 1: Put a bit less than the amount of paste you usually  put on your brush on your brush and wet it.

Step 2: Remove your phone from its case.

Step 3: Scrub away all those scuff marks!

Step 4: Wash off  and dry with a towel or paper towels.

2. Nail polish remover

Materials required:

1 bottle nail polish remover

A cotton ball or two

Step 1: Remove phone from case.

Step 2: Put a little nail polish remover onto the cotton ball.

Step 3: Scrub away!

Note: Nail polish remover contains lots of chemicals so your phone case will be stinky afterwards. Wash hands immediately to get rid of nasty chemicals.

3. Baking Soda

Materials required:

A pinch of baking soda

Step 1: Rub baking soda on scuff marks.

If you haven’t got any of the ingredients above……

Use an eraser to rub scuff marks off your case. Remember, this is a last minute solution  and will likely leave patches of dirt (see photo below.)


Cubi x

13 awesome free themes on the chrome web store

Ever stared at your white google chrome theme and thought, “how boring?” 

I have. But it’s easy to fix.

Jump onto the chrome web store

( )

and you’ll see a bunch of themes. Here are my favourites-

1. Flying Paint

2. Space Nebula

3. Sea Cliffs

4. Blue/Green cubes

5. Turkey

6. Yammi

7. Into the mist

7. Night time in New York City

7. Colour Fusion

8. Bubble Cluster

9. Winter Wolf

10. Retro Robots

11. Baby Frenchie

12. Autumn Lake

13. Marc Ecko

Cubi x

Taipei in 48 hours

A two-year day break before I head to Japan is spent in the centre of the ultra modern Taipei, Taiwan. It’s an island known for bicycles, food and night markets.

After a red eye flight I line up for Fu hang Dou Jiang, a michelin- recommended soy restaurant serving soy milk and bread like dishes with egg.


It’s what people would call ”empty calories” though, and even though I’m sharing access other other people, soon I’m filled up with soy milk and empty calories.

After a flight, I feel like walking. One time I was on a ten-hour flight and I didn’t move at all. When I got off the flight, my ankles were fat from not moving for so long.

The ‘Elephant Mountain’ in the rich area of Taipei was the perfect place just for that. It’s about a 2km (this is purely a guess) hike up stone stairs and it’s well worth the walk- there are some fabulous views of Taipei, Taipei 101 and the mountains surrounding Taipei.



The entrance to the elephant mountain walk

Around 5 at night I headed to one of Taipei’s many night markets – Rahoe St night market- to sample some Taiwanese market food.



Above:(L-R) A pepper bun, a balloon shooting game, some cute buns.

I’m exhausted but tired from the eating frenzy so far- and it continues tomorrow.

Day 2

Taiwan’s Xiaolong bao is a must-eat for anyone going to Taipei. It’s a dumpling dipped in vinegar and ginger sauce then burst open to discover the tasty soup inside.




It’s well worth the wait.

Tokyo awaits me, time to go forth.

Cubi x

Beach house holiday

I am currently writing this from my room, looking at the window. I am on a holiday to a place in Australia (which is where I’m from) known as a heaven for surfers.

I took surfing lessons for 3 days and I was horrible at it.

Cubi x